VIP Caller: Enabling White Glove Service to Top Clients

CIOReview Team | Wednesday, 30 March 2016, 04:44 IST

AVOXI, a leading provider of Communications as a Service (CaaS) solutions for international businesses, is pleased to announce the launch of the newest feature for Smart Queue, its virtual call center solution: VIP Caller.

VIP Caller provides call center supervisors with the tools they need to provide premium service to their top customers and accounts. This feature allows important customer contacts to skip the call queue and be directly routed to a dedicated agent.

To set up VIP call routing, call center supervisors simply add the phone numbers associated with certain customers or accounts to the VIP Caller list, and then choose which agent should receive the call.

“When we first started thinking about developing the VIP Caller feature, we asked around to see how most businesses handle calls from VIP customers,” said David Wise, CEO and Founder.

“We were surprised to hear how many of them were wasting money on special ‘VIP’ phone numbers, and how few of their top customers actually remembered to dial the dedicated number. That’s when we knew that VIP call routing would really be a game changer for our customers.”

VIP Caller also eliminates the need to purchase additional phone numbers or adjust existing call queue structures to accommodate the needs of top customers. All customers dial the same local or toll free number, but VIP accounts are directed to a specific agent rather than waiting in the call queue.

“VIP Caller functionality is an added value for call centers of all sizes,” said Barbara Dondiego, CMO. “The ability to send customers with highly specific needs to specialized agents is essential when it comes to delivering amazing customer service.”

The VIP Caller feature is available to all Smart Queue customers who use the “Without Limits” plan, which is designed for large businesses and call centers.