20 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Providers - 2019

20 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Providers - 2019

Several researches conducted depict that the global Business Intelligence (BI) market is predicted to grow from 17.09 Billion Dollars worth in 2016 to a whopping 26.88 Billion Dollars by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.5 percent. This growth is being attributed to the various benefits that the implementation of BI solutions has to offer such as quicker and far more accurate reporting/analysis, improved business decisions, better data quality, optimized operational efficiency, high levels of customer satisfaction, reduced costs and, increased revenue. Despite displaying such a forecasted phenomenal growth in this market that propels smarter data-driven decisions, this domain is still plagued with multiple challenges. Businesses  encounter several challenges while embracing BI solutions with the topmost being the lack of a complete BI strategy, a good tool solution and technical skills. The efficiency and performance of any business operations depends on the selected solution provider with the right skill set, advanced technologies and domain experience. A very shallow  pool of solution providers in India can offer the aforementioned benefits as clients make an investment in BI.

Coming to the aid of businesses on the lookout for the right BI solution provider, CIOReviewIndia has prepared a list of “20 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Providers”. The who’s who in this list of selected solution providers possess a proven track record in achieving their customer’s business  goals. It is a collection of leading-edge vendors that deliver exceptional customer satisfaction with their robust solutions and industry-rich experience. The vendors featuring in this listing have been carefully chosen by a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and CIOReviewIndia editorial team.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Providers - 2019.

Top Business Intelligence Solution Providers

Cover Story
Company Name Company Description
MKT Software Provides business intelligence and analytics solutions
Company Name Company Description
Absolutdata Analytics Provider of Big data services, Business Intelligence services and AI - enabled dashboards
Aptagrim Provider of BI Data Science Solutions and Services
Careator Technologies Provider of Business Intelligence solutions and services
Clover Infotech Provider of BI implementation services which include Data Integration with BI
Convergytics Solutions Provider of Business Intelligence solutions for retail, media, telecom, Hi-Tech, Financial services.
Dimentrix Provides user-friendly and customized business intelligence solutions
DSquare Solutions Provides a combination of data engineering coupled with BI solution
Go Digital Technology Consulting Provides business intelligence and data warehousing services
KUDOSiNDiA Provides a suite of Data Warehousing services
LatentView Provider of Business Analytics, big data insights services, and Data Engineering services
Mu Sigma Provider of data science solutions
Saksoft Provider of business intelligence services
Simplify360 Provider of Social customer service platform for businesses
Smarten Helps businesses move to augmented analytics
Sparx IT Solutions Provider of Business Intelligence services that include BI consulting services, BI dashboard services, BI Architecture and Design services.
SPEC INDIA Provider of customized Business Intelligence solutions and services and self service BI plugin
SynapseIndia Provider of Business Intelligence solutions and services
Value Tech Service Provides technological business solutions in the field of ERP, CRM and BI
TechAxes Provider of Integrated Analytics Solution