20 Most Promising LMS Solution Providers - 2017

20 Most Promising LMS Solution Providers - 2017

LMS has been enabling transformation of Indian education system. The learning industry, like all industries has to leverage the potential of technology. Latest technological trends like Cloud LMS, Adaptive Learning, Analytics, Gamification are revolutionizing modern learning. Schools and universities need to harness the technologies to offer round the clock support to their students. Even organizations have been realizing the value of implementing these technologies to improve productivity of their employees. There have been developments from an operations standpoint in campuses as well.

Being inclined to modern methods has become more of a necessity than a requirement. LMS Solution providers who are still slow in adopting technology will be left far behind. Alternative methods that facilitate human-computer interaction like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are altering classroom environments and fostering education among young learners. Chatbots are one of the examples of this development. This increases the demand for LMS Solution providers who move ahead with technology while providing services.

Companies who want to be on the top of value chain in the LMS domain look for the best solution providers. To help CIOs navigate in this flourishing landscape, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, and the CIOReview editorial board presents the “20 Most Promising LMS Solution Providers 2017” that are at the forefront of meeting the urgent needs of the education industry. We looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the need for cost-effective, technologically advanced and flexible solutions that would help add value to the LMS domain.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising LMS Solution Providers - 2017.

Company Name Company Description
3E Software Solutions A provider of LMS services like Consulting Services, Custom LMS Implementation, and Support, Enterprise Deployment and Management services and more.
ClearPoint Learning A provider of strategic, data-driven learning and training solutions. It is specialized in Creating learning solutions for major pharmaceutical, biotech, and other lifesciences focused companies.
Clomosoft-Tevatron Technologies A provider of e-Learning Technology Services to educational organizations, institutions, corporations, employees and individuals.
eNext Solutions A provider of e-learning platform covering the entire ecosystem, for students, course directors and IT administrators.
Enhance Systems A provider of customizable eLearning management solutions focussing on design and development of Learning content and applications. Its eLearning services portfolio include LMS, Content...
eNyota Learning A provider of learning design and technology solutions to corporates, as well as training and eLearning companies. It enables organizations to train their employees, partners, and customers using...
GA Software Technologies A provider of learning solutions for governments, corporates and K-12 domain.
G-Cube A provider of e-Learning products and services, who designs, develops and delivers eLearning solutions that are broadly categorized into eLearning Design, Courses Development and Learning Delivery...
Genpact A provider of Learning and MarComm services to help its clients in learning and training initiatives as well as in providing marketing collateral materials. Its Learning Solutions offer...
iGuru A provider of Cloud-based learning management system with features like School On boarding Assistance, Teacher/Staff Training, Technical Support and Cloud Hosting services and more.
Jumping Frog A provider of Cloud-based learning management system that caters to a wide range of verticals such as Pre schools, K-12, Test prep, Colleges and Universities.
Netvidya A provider of e-learning solutions that span across virtual learning, mobile learning, game-based learning, and experiential learning.
NIIT Limited A provider of Skills and Talent Development solutions, that offers multi-disciplinary Learning Management and training delivery solutions to corporations, institutions, and individuals in over 40...
Paathshala Learning Solutions A provider of Mobile Online Skill Training Platform with features such as easy-to-use interface, bite-sized learning, versatile content, flexible assessments, scheduling, and notifications etc.
Paradiso Solutions A provider of LMS implementation, consulting, support, hosting, training and course creation services.
Qustn Technologies (Capabiliti) A provider of mobile-first training and engagement solution with modules like Consulting, Analytics, Technology, Content and Project management.
Shezartech A provider of eLearning products and services for Business Corporations across the world. It delivers Gamified E-Learning Mobile Application as well as LMS to clients in the US, Middle East and...
The Boston Group Software A provider of a full suite of e-Learning solutions, ranging from custom content development and off-the-shelf courseware to software platforms for learning & skills management.
Zeus Learning A provider of learning solutions with a focus on product engineering. It is specialized in eLearning software, IT, Product Engineering, Software Simulation, Mobile & HTML5 Development, and LMS,...
Ziksana Learning Solutions A provider of learning solutions with features like Flipped classroom, Crowdsourcing trainers, Gamified content, Learning Analytics and Adaptive learning.