Company Of The Year - 2019

Company Of The Year - 2019

2019 has been another glorious year for digital advancements, where technologies are gradually taking the center stage across industry segments. Data has become the bread and butter for every business, irrespective of their size or the industry vertical they cater to. Technologies such as AI & Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, Mobility, Blockchain etc., have completely altered the way business operations used to be carried out earlier, and to run parallel with these disruptions, one must equip themselves with the needed technology capability to stay relevant or risk getting left behind. Indian industry continues to show signs of rapid technology adoption considering the transformations it is witnessing currently. Moreover, the Government’s Digital India movement has further fuelled it by significantly driving Digital Transformation in the country. With numerous startups and large enterprises supporting this cause, we are heading towards a promising technologically driven future as we are coming to the end of this year.

As the year 2019 comes to a close, CIOReviewIndia in this special issue features the Companies of the Year, who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and technology maturity to bring innovative products, solutions and services that not only address existing issues but also the emerging challenges. These organizations have been identified for their exceptional contributions across a broad spectrum of segments including Digital Transformation, Unified Communication, Cloud Solutions, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, Cyber Security, IoT, AI based Analytics, UI/UX, Enterprise Networking, Casting Process Simulation, Facility Management, PLM, Smart Asset Management, mHealth, Real Estate Solutions and many more. Having taken giant leaps ahead of traditional approaches, these companies stand to be the torch bearers for the next generation of technological trends. We laud them for their valuable contributions to an ever-evolving technology landscape and for their ability to differentiate and sustain themselves and emerge as innovators in their respective domains.

A distinguished panel of the industry’s topmost CEOs, CIOs, VCs, IT innovators and analysts spanning across a host of verticals, and CIOReviewIndia’s editorial board have closely scrutinized numerous companies throughout the entire year and zeroed in on these companies. We pass on our compliments and best wishes to the companies who have featured in this exclusive issue as we recognize their tremendous achievements and contribution to their respective fields. Hoping to see them continue treading the path of innovation, we would like to wish them a prosperous new year.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook Company Of The Year - 2019.

Top Company Of The Year

Company Name Company Description
Apalya Offers a proprietary OTT platform that handles content management, content delivery network, security, user experience management, transactions, promotions, analytics and insight
B2C Specialized in the delivery of full-cycle, end-to-end mobile solutions and services for brands and startups
Dream Sports Fields Provides sports infrastructure and equipment which is available to rent on hourly basis and also has the ability to obtain coaching at most of their locations.
Easytocheck Offers successful implementation services for Zoho solutions, but also offers complimentary customization services comprising training setup for customers.
GENUUS Brand Provides marketing technology platforms and solutions that address the exact requirements of the clients and can be easily integrated with the client’s existing systems without any hassle.
Ignistec The company has built the country’s first Social Network platform – Drink mates with real-world touch points.
Infonoble Offers a unified, multichannel cloud customer interaction platform designed and developed to be affordable and easy to manage, with fast and flexible implementation.
Infragistics Specializes in UI/UX design tools, and provides a unified platform that offers tools and capabilities to drive productivity along with amazing user experience.
iOmniscient Provides intelligent video analytics and surveillance solutions, focusing on replicating the complexities of human intelligence.
iPrint Provides pan India execution, printing, conceptualization of execution and ideas along with the latest printing technology and material.
Kodak Alaris Provides robust digital scanners and intelligent state-of-the art software services.
KBC Advanced Technologies Assisting the customers to incorporate the culture of energy management in their work processes, by enhancing collaboration among client’s stakeholders and KBC consultants, hence improving the...
L&T Technology Services Delivers ER&D design and consulting services to global customers across the entire value chain of product development and manufacturing operations with an engineering domain expertise across all...
Laser Systems Delivers services for facility management solutions, digitization, and comprehensive maintenance for enterprises.
Letstrack Provides hardware-based security solutions, giving location-based reports to analyze and make productive decisions.
Magmasoft Provides powerful, modular software and engineering services for casting design and optimization.
Nanosoft Technologies Aiding its clients to computerize, organize and enhance their maintenance activities through a complete web based Computer Aided Facility Management software
NETMONASTERY Offers an integrated big data analytics platform that enables ease of data collection, management and processing for businesses.
Nvizion Solutions (N7 - THE NITROGEN PLATFORM) Offers a cloud-based e-commerce solution that helps digital retailers optimize their web performance and increase their business revenues by addressing the issues of scalability and security.
PTC Offers next generation PLM capabilities for the connected world
RMS Provides cloud software for hotels, serviced apartments and holiday parks.
Sevamob Provides artificial intelligence powered healthcare platform to organizations in India, Southern Africa and the US.
SmartAMS Provides an end-to-end management and tracking of assets throughout their life cycle, in a real-time basis; thus ensuring productivity and efficiency of the business operations.
SPUR Infosolutions Delivering end-to-end managed services and solutions for hassle-free supply chain operations.
Sri Mookambika Infosolutions Builds Enterprise Solutions categorized as Application Modernization, Digital Data Platform, Enterprise Integration, Enterprise Security, Mobile Application Development, and DevOps Security.
3SC Offers a comprehensive suite of analytics solutions with data-centric approach to help businesses improve visibility into supply chain and derive data-driven inputs.
SwiftSafe Offers end-to-end cyber security and cyber forensics services
ABS India The company acquires technologies and develops expertise as well. This has been its success mantra and has always led the company to stride and walk on that path
Allot System Integration We help enterprises in making their infrastructure software-defined ready and facilitate their workspace digitization. We also provide device management solutions to help them effectively monitor...
Appsinvo Appsinvo has established itself as a niche player in the industry by developing 300 applications for more than 150 satisfied clients across 12 countries
ASM Assembly Systems We are the first manufacturer in the world to offer electronics manufacturers an Integrated Smart Factory concept with open standard interfaces for integrated data communication from the shop floor...
Born Group Our mission is to help customers through all aspects of experiencing a brand into one integrated experience
Cache Peripherals Our process knowledge and technical expertise in IT Systems integration helps in easing the customer’s burden of selecting and purchasing IT assets
Cams-Exact We want to create, build and maintain the most innovative, reliable and cost effective systems that will significantly aid in handling growing needs through the rapid deployment of our expertise...
Cavisson Systems We cater to every aspect of performance – systems, applications, business. Our holistic approach towards performance helps organizations stay on top of their digital as well as customer...
Cimmra The Cimmra eProcurement Suite prides itself on its simple interface that makes using the system a breeze
Citi Solutions Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd We provide solutions design and analysis to help our clients improve the bottom line and stay flexible in the face of changing business needs
Doctorcabin We want to be that change which will bring equality and quality in Indian Healthcare system
Domain 6 Our domain expertise and years of experience helps us better understand the pain points of real estate firms and provide them with relevant solutions today and tomorrow
Engineering Design Software & Services Hit-Office Construction ERP is functional in the Indian market for the past 19 years and enjoys a customer base of over 1500 clients. It is sold with an elaborate implementation process
Fidrox Fidrox offers Face Recognition based Biometric Solution, for Visitor & Contract Management system, Access Control and Airport Passenger congestion management that provides high accuracy, with the...
Future Wave Technologies We have a 360 degree safety solution that covers most situations when a woman is on the move and likely to face a dangerous situation and these are largely covered by our solution
Greenhonchos Our passion to develop effective business solutions for the Indian market has led to the evolution of GreenHonchos in its current avatar as a 360-degree Commerce Solutions Partner
Hitachi Solutions Our defined ‘Consensus’ approach helps us enable the digital transformation for one and all. Our regional teams understand the local/regional nuances and bring unmatched Dynamics 365 expertise...
ISON Technologies A remarkable, unique and marquee initiative indeed! We are told this has been one-of-its-kind by global standards,” testifies Amit Chakravarty, Vice-President, Strategy, Governance & Systems and...
Johnson Controls Johnson Controls’ achievements in sustainability are the result of committed and innovative leadership on environmental issues
Recktronic Devices & Systems We engineer and execute solutions with the help of our engineering team comprising experienced engineers from all streams. And this has been one of the major reasons for us to run and operate Water...
Soloidc Technologies We provide a wide range of cloud hosting services on public, private and cloud platforms to help clients leverage the benefits of cloud and achieve business efficiency
Sourcetrace We focus on improving the quality of life of farmers, which results in increase in farmer income, better livelihood and social economic benefits while cutting down on the environmental degradation
SP Robotic Works Our overall marketing strategy involves both local marketing by each of our branch partners showcasing the brand’s presence and centrally monitored digital marketing based branding activities and...
Techmango Technology Services We enable customers to leverage data to track and drive key parameters impacting revenue, customer satisfaction, and efficiency to stay on top of the competition
The Gamification Company (TGC) TGC has succeeded at implementing gamification within multiple organizations by going beyond the mere credit system such as points, badges, and leader boards
Umbrella Infocare Umbrella Infocare is helping businesses achieve seamless migration by addressing their unique business challenges of Data Security, Disaster Recovery, Interoperatibilty between the Cloud and Legacy...
Unlimit Unlimit offers smart breakthrough and customized solutions to Connected Vehicles that creates a seamless infrastructure. This solution not only avoids accidents but also helps in saving the...
Venba Tech We believe in continuous evolution of our solutions and deliver value to our clients in terms of both operational cost benefits and improved security
Versionx Innovations A complete premises management is what we deliver through specially designed hardware which is integrated with our software
Videotap VideoTap has gone beyond what the market has been offering to set a whole new standard for video streaming experience, and has carved a niche for itself, i.e. Non-linear Video Streaming
Xpertnest We offer a blend of technical and business strategic thinking and help our clients define a definite strategy for the technology implementation to achieve all-round development
Zaco Computers We can help enterprises in achieving their goals in an effective manner without compromising on quality through our end-to-end solutions and services by reducing their business complexities