CXOs address latest trends in automation and AI shaping the future at automationshift_ conference

CIOReview Team | Wednesday, 20 September 2017, 09:09 IST

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CXOs from different well-known organizations addressed latest trends in automation and Artificial Intelligence shaping the future of work at automationshift_. Being India’s first CXO conference on automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), automationshift_ provided a highly interactive platform for vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurs and business leaders to put spotlight on technology-led business disruption.

The day-long conference was organized by TWB_, the worldwide leader of creating technology content and pioneer in content automation for enterprises at World Trade Centre in Bangalore.

As per a latest report by US-based research firm HfS Research, almost one-third of ‘low-skilled’ jobs, about 7 lakh, will be lost on account of automation in Indian IT by 2022. However, the report further adds that the number of ‘medium-skilled’ and ‘high-skilled’ jobs to go up by 1 lakh and 1.9 lakh, respectively. It shows that the industry must focus on creating a technically skilled workforce with knowledge of computer science, and a working knowledge of business intelligence tools.

During the conference, CXOs shared their vision and deep insights on how they are leveraging AI, automation, and machine learning altogether to drive higher efficiencies across organizations within their companies.

Speaking on the occasion, Rakesh Shukla, Founder & CEO, TWB_ said, “We're at a stage where if enterprises clearly and narrowly define a problem and have a clear expectation of gains in efficiency it is a good probability that AI will be part of the solution be it in operations, customer service, marketing, learning etc.”

Sharad Heda, Global Automation Head and Chief of Staff, Microland said“The emergence of AI and automation is expected to bring a disruptive transformation in the way enterprises envision their future. Organizations need to take a holistic and strategic approach to automation to achieve the same, as against tactical, task driven and siloed automation that is mostly prevalent today. The fact that in some enterprises automation remains at hygiene level and in others it becomes a game changer - driving an integrated shift for the entire ecosystem of the enterprise - is fundamentally decided by this approach”

Speaker from Salesforce, Customer Success Partner at automationshift_ said, "AI has implications for every line of business. Sales will be able to anticipate opportunities and focus on the best leads. Customer service teams will deliver the next generation of proactive service, preventing machine failure or addressing FAQs in a customer community before they have a chance to become service cases. Marketing can build predictive journeys for every customer, personalizing experiences like never before. The new standard for every customer interaction is a smart, fast, seamless customer experience engagement. Companies that embrace the AI opportunity will be able to create the modern experiences their customers expect, connecting with them on all their devices and being able to anticipate and predict in order to better serve them. AI will soon become a global economic engine for new technologies, business models and jobs."

The inspiring keynotes, informative sessions, and discussions at the conference engaged all the attendees to analyse, discuss and explore the trends where AI and automation are continually changing the ways organizations manage, develop and retain HR talent. The leading technologists, thinkers, and analysts laid more emphasis on how automation has already marked significant developments while making its impact on Marketing, Engineering, Product Management, and Learning and Development.

Aniruddha Deswandikar, Director- Microsoft Technology Center, said “The power of the Cloud, affordable Edge hardware and Open Frameworks will make AI mainstream to all Automation solutions. Machines will predict, detect, analyze and correct. So man can focus on the business.”

Subrat Parida, Founder & CEO of said, "Artificial Intelligence enables enterprises and individuals to make calculated, authentic, strategic, business and personal decisions through the usage of enormous volumes of data. AI is a technology that could change the world for the better, in terms of increase in work productivity of humans, lowering the businesses costs and experiencing the world class customer experience."

The first of its kind conference was effectively designed to showcase the latest in technological innovations emerging from the startup ecosystem.  The comprehensive platform presented a Product in AI track for India’s leading AI start-ups which has AI startups that already have significant market traction. The conference was only for a limited set of 100+ leaders in AI and change-makers in Software, Manufacturing, Lifesciences, BFSI who are eager to get a startIn the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Aakrit Vaish, Co-Founder & CEO, Haptik said, “Chat bots provide a practical solution for enterprises wanting to leverage AI capabilities. They have a direct impact on customer experience by providing a seamless omni-channel touch point for engagement, customer support, Q&A among other things.”

The conference presented an exclusive report, ‘Leadership perspective on the automationshift_’ which is a 100+ page compilation of the most influential thinking on automation and machine learning that is changing Marketing + Product Management/Engineering + Learning. This includes perspectives from authors across the world the opinion of Indian thought leaders and CXOs. - Sachin Jaiswal, CEO, said, "AI technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech and Image recognition etc. are set out to make better the internal functions of an organization, by analyzing the massive amount of available data and drawing insightful conclusions for more impactful actions. Be it a consumer-facing conversational bot utilizing NLP to understand and help a consumer shop online, or help him or her with the queries, or, an image recognition system helping insurance companies with claim management for damaged vehicles, or an AI-based marketing tool utilizing ML to automate communication to customers at the best time, Artificial Intelligence is all about reducing costs, increasing speed, efficiency and profitability."

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