Soket AI Labs and Google Cloud Team up To Promote Pragna-1B Model By CIOTechOutlook Team

Soket AI Labs and Google Cloud Team up To Promote Pragna-1B Model

CIOTechOutlook Team | Thursday, 16 May 2024, 09:16 IST

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Socket AI Labs, an India-based AI research firm behind Pragna-1B, has declared another alliance with Google Cloud to improve the model's abilities and reach. Pragna-1B, first released on May 1, 2024, expects to empower the reception of Generative AI in India by offering help for vernacular dialects like Hindi, English, Bengali, and Gujarati.  
Abhishek Upperwal, Founder of Soket AI Labs, said, “By leveraging Google cloud, Pragna-1B, despite being trained on fewer parameters, is efficient and compares performance in language processing tasks to similar category models.”
He further added, “Tailored specifically for vernacular languages, Pragna-1B offers balanced language representation and enables faster and more efficient tokenization suited for organisations seeking optimised operations and enhanced functionality.”
The alliance also intends to make Pragna-1B more open to engineers and companies. Soket AI Labs proposes to list its AI Developer Platform on the Google Cloud Marketplace and the Pragna series of models on the Google Vertex AI model registry. This incorporation will give engineers a streamlined experience for calibrating models utilizing superior execution assets like Vertex AI and TPUs.
The model has been planned explicitly given Indian settings, guaranteeing straightforwardness and clearness for endeavors coordinating AI into their tasks. Soket AI Labs utilized Google Cloud's AI framework to accomplish proficiency and cost-viability in advancing Pragna-1B.

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