20 Most Promising DevOps Solution Providers - 2018

20 Most Promising DevOps Solution Providers - 2018

Businesses are rapidly adopting DevOps as it plays a pivotal role in enabling organizations to keep pace with increasing customer demands, creating novel & innovative customer experiences and a quick response to requests from the business. As businesses aim at unifying software development and software operation, advanced DevOps adopters are more likely to observe improvements in customer retention, customer acquisition and an increase in customer profitability, more likely to have seen progress on market share and new income streams. The top three demand drivers that propel this trend forward are the need to keep pace with the escalating customer demands; to have a quick response to business requests, and to create engaging customer experiences. For this to be achieved, successfully promoting teamwork between Dev and Ops team remains a crucial barrier to the success of DevOps. Apart from this, required IT knowledge and skill, cross-functional IT processes, right infrastructure & tooling and most importantly the right vendor to adhere to the client’s requirements and needs are imperative factors to assemble a successful DevOps practice.

Enabling organizations to choose the right vendor to work with, CIOReview India presents a list of “20 Most Promising DevOps Solution Providers”. This compact list displays an inventory of skilled vendors with an industry rich experience, technically adept teams, and a proven track record. A panel consisting of prominent CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and CIOReview editorial team has meticulously researched and locked down on the final 20 vendors who we firmly believe can assist businesses to achieve the set business goals while simultaneously offering better customer satisfaction.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising DevOps Solution Providers - 2018.

Top DevOps Solution Providers

Company Name Company Description
Ajira Technologies A provider of digital products around consumer tech, big data analytics, and machine learning for small startups as well as large enterprises
ALTEN Calsoft Labs A provider of DevOps services and solutions with E2E DevOps implementation
Aricent A provider of design, development engineering, technology solutions and test and operations services
Atgen Software Solutions A provider of DevOps Consulting ensuring every client is facilitated with end-to-end support for the transition from current Software Delivery State to DevOps approach
Brainstack Technologies A provider of DevOps as a managed service to businesses who run or want to run applications in the cloud
Certus+ Labs A partner and navigator for seamless development, operations and digital disruption
GS Lab Helps customers accelerate software delivery, build quality code giving high visibility of product/project progress
Happiest Minds A provider of DevOps solutions to remove bottle necks in software development and ensure agile delivery for software-driven innovation
MicroGenesis Techsoft A provider of end-to-end DevOps solutions
Mobisoft A provider of DevOps consulting & DevOps services by employing tools of deployment, monitoring, logging and configuration management
Neotys A provider of a platform built to enable DevOps Load Testing and collaboration across Dev, QA and Ops
Nous Infosystems A provider of DevOps Consulting Services, Infrastructure Automation, Build & Release Automation, Tracking & Monitoring and Training & Migration
ObjectFrontier Software A provider of automation of the provisioning, configuration, build, test, deployment and monitoring of software systems using the best DevOps tools available
OpsTree Solutions Helps businesses design and implement an efficient and cost effective DevOps architecture
Talentica Software India Helps startups build flexible and reliable products that can seamlessly handle volume and functionality growth
Techwave Infotech provider of deploy ready DevOps function that can manage the software build and release cycles
Terralogic Software Solutions A provider of DevOps consultancy, Tooling automation, Infrastructure set up, Monitoring and support services
Tricentis India A provider of connectors for all industry leading ALM/DevOps tools enabling extensive customization without requiring scripting
WIPRO Enables enterprises to achieve a connected DevOps tool chain for end-to-end application release thereby enabling reliable releases and faster time to market
XenonStack A provider of DevOps Consulting services, DevOps Monitoring and DevOps alerting services