20 Most Promising Supply Chain Management Solution Providers - 2018

20 Most Promising Supply Chain Management Solution Providers - 2018

India is fast becoming a global manufacturing hub owing to the escalating demand in the domestic and  international  markets. Increasing competition, due to globalization Iis propelling Indian industries to proffer cost-effective quality output clubbed with strict delivery schedules. Issues  in  the  supply of compromised quality, unwarranted cost escalation, delayed supply and so on would negatively impact the credibility as well as the business potential of the Indian industry.

In such a competitive scenario Supply Chain Management  (SCM)  plays  a  pivotal  role  as organizations  are  challenged  with  searching for various ways to meet and exceed the ever increasing customer expectations at a reduced cost. To do so, organizations need to conduct a study and map out exactly which parts of their supply-chain process are not competitive, gauge which customer’s needs are not being fulfilled, set improvement goals and quickly adopt the required improvements. Organizations are on the lookout for vendors with the perfect blend  of the right SCM solutions and industry rich knowledge  to  work  with,  that  are  perfectly poised to help achieve their set business goals.

Perfectly understanding what every organization  is  looking  out  for,  CIOReview comes to the aid with a comprehensive list of “20 Most Promising Supply Chain Management Solution Providers”. This go-to list will assist organizations to help achieve their business goals  with  the  assurance  of  quality  and better customer service. In essence, this list features an inventory of leading-edge vendors extending  their  services  to  facilitate  their clients with an all-encompassing suite of novel solutions and their deep expertise gained in this domain. The vendors in this listing have been  meticulously selected by a  renowned panel of CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and CIOReview editorial team.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising Supply Chain Management Solution Providers - 2018.

Top Supply Chain Management Solution Providers

Company Name Company Description
AARMS Value Chain Provider of solutions in Supply chain, Procurement, Fleet Exchange, Fleet Optimization, C-form Management, Customer Support and more
Blue Bird Technologies Provider of E-Business oriented Supply Chain solutions
breakWalls Technologies Provider of a suite of solutions that enable a system based integrated plan-execution tracking
FarmGuide Provider of digital solutions for all stakeholders in agriculture
FrontalRain Technologies Provider of Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud Computing Software for Food and Agribusinesses
iGUID Provider of Oracle eBusiness Suite of SCM (R12) family of applications
Linked Provider of solutions for supply chain optimization
Logixgrid Technologies Provider of SCM solutions combining Cloud Computing and cross-platform Mobile App Design
NexInfo Solutions Provider of Supply Chain Optimization solutions that are based on Oracle’s VCP or SAP APO
ODeX India Solutions Provider of an Online Platform for Shipping Documentation
OpenPort Provider of blockchain-enabled ePOD (electronic proof-of-delivery) solution
Opex Analytics Provider of supply chain optimization solutions
Qlikchain Provider of solutions for supply chain provenance on Blockchain
Sofocle Technologies Provider of a Blockchain-based solution for supply chain management
Stellium Consulting India Provider of end-to-end services for supply chain transformations
SYSMAN Provider of solutions for Outbound Supply Chain Management
TPSynergy Provider of solutions for a shared global view of the supply chain
Ubq Technologies Provider of a downstream supply chain management solution
YENNES Infotec Provider of solution for a consolidated online information for supply nchain business banalytics
Zomeds Provider of SaaS solutions in SCM for Pharmaceutical Distribution segment