Staying Relevant with Digital

Supriyo Dasgupta, IT Applications Head, Compass Group India | Tuesday, 10 July 2018, 07:30 IST

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Customer oriented professional with over 19 years of expertise in developing and executing IT strategies aligned to business objectives. Supriyo has hands-on experience in IT Governance, Program Management, Transition Management, Business ProcessRe-engineering, Contracts Management and Strategy Development.

Cloud, Sensors, Platforms, APIs, Connected Things, Embedded Systems, Social Listening, Big Data, AI, the list is long. But all these for what really? It is time that technologists must acknowledge, that the ‘era of experimenting with Digital’- is almost over. As technologists, we should ask ourselves some fundamental questions. Am I driving the right value for my business? Am I helping my business to Monetize our Digital Assets? Am I solving the problem that ‘needs to be solved’? Let’s understand this from a B2C service/product offering perspective. To begin with, apply the time-tested ‘Customer First’ approach. As a part of your Service / Product design, make sure to create the customer journeys and map the design to the journey. Pin up these five critical nodes in each of your customer journeys:

"Taking out the anxiety and surprise elements from the customer journey will most likely create that much awaited brand loyalty/stickiness"

1. Provide ‘relevant’ information ‘instantly'– Activate your data-lake and social connectors to provide your customers all the information they need, with right context and at the right time. The new digital natives are impatient. Providing them relevant information and mashup based recommendations will most likely convert that opportunity to a sale.

2. Eliminate ‘Anxiety’ – Mobile phones too, like all others followed the Kano model and has become a necessity today. So why not capitalize that opportunity and keep the Customers informed through their mobile phones? Use your digital assets, consume the popularly available location based services and keep your customers informed about that product/service he has been eagerly waiting for. Taking out the anxiety and surprise elements from the customer journey will most likely create that much awaited brand loyalty/stickiness.

3. Create that amazing ‘User Experience’ at all touchpoints – Help your customers to find what they want to find. Help them to do ‘trusted commerce’. Provide them superior ‘Support’. Create that magic (read demand) so that they not only cling on to your products/services but also promote your brand.

4.  Build a ‘solid foundation’ to back your product/service offerings – Well! Whether it is a set of sustainable business processes, tight security and data privacy controls, resilient IT infrastructure, or that high performing team, it is imperative to get these basic building blocks in place to embark into the Digital Journey.

5.  Measure your Customers’ pulse and follow Kaizen – With open platforms and frameworks, it is getting easier by the day, to make our applications and IT systems interoperable. While designing digital solutions, remember to bake in the customer pulse measurement capabilities. Remember to include those Business Value KPIs along with other KPIs explicitly asked for. But at the same time, ensure to create a robust post report-out process; else all those visualizations will not make too much of business sense.

Time-box yourself to write your Digital Strategy, pivot it on 'Customer Loyalty' and ‘Digital Asset Monetization’, get it sponsored form the top of the house, have robust business process to back it up and embark on your digital journey with confidence and pride. Stay Relevant with Digital!

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