20 Most Promising eLearning startups - 2020

20 Most Promising eLearning startups - 2020

Prior to the outbreak, online learning as a medium to acquire knowledge and skills was already booming. With the rapid spread of the Pandemic worldwide, pretty much all the economic sectors had to take a heavy toll. The Education sector was no different, with schools, colleges, and universities going online to continue classes and teaching. These events led to an already headstrong eLearning sector to rise up to the occasion and record growth unprecedented growth levels never seen before. All of a sudden, eLearning startups were at the forefront, trying to return some parity to an already confusing scenario.

Globally, the eLearning sector has entered into a period of "Megarush," growing at a whooping CAGR rate of 52 percent, set to become a 2 Billion Dollar industry by 2021. At a time when globally all over organizations are laying off workers, the eLearning startups, on the other hand, are robustly expanding operations. Cashing in on the paradigm shift in education, the Global EdTech and eLearning players' total expenditure has been predicted to rise up to $10 trillion by 2030.

With over 400 million online users, and the majority of them youth - India is the world's second-largest eLearning market behind the US. The online education market in India was valued at INR 39 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach INR 360.3 billion by 2024, expanding at a CAGR rate of 43.85% during the forecast period of 2019-2024. In recent times, a host of eLearning startups have sieged the opportunity at hand and have started to offer all kinds of streams and segments ranging from - including K-12 (kindergarten to 12th grade) and undergraduate courses to competitive exams and vocational training.

In this edition of CIOReviewIndia Magazine, we look at some of the “20 Most Promising eLearning startups - 2020”. Enlisted by a team of experienced CEOs, industry veterans, and the CIOReviewIndia editorial team, we believe the listed Startups are best positioned to lead the nation ahead in this new paradigm shift in the education sector.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising eLearning startups - 2020.

Top eLearning startups

Cover Story
Company Name Company Description
Verzeo Professional training platform providing top-class internship and certification programs.
Company Name Company Description
Birla Braniacs A collaborative learning platform for students from grades 1 to 10.
Actuate MicroLearning It offers a wide array of services like e-learning, LMS, interactive learning, e-learning solutions, blended learning, bite sized videos, and micro learning.
AkadGlid A place for online mentor-led certification courses providing professional online training classes.
Antiz Technologies Offers services like gamified learning, operator skill games, workplace safety, operations support, interactive explainer videos, and factory virtual tours.
Catalyst Delivers services like enterprise gamification platform for a future proof sales management.
ConceptOwl Teaching to tier 2/3 towns using a two-teacher model: a facilitator (junior teacher) teaches using videos of an experienced teacher, and interacts with students and clears their doubts.
EI Design It is a platform for training, immersive learning, continuous learning, technology learning, training impact, and ROI, and training strategies.
Enparadigm Performance Solutions Leveraging leadership development in strategic HR, strategy execution, leaders development, and behavioral simulation.
Excelsoft Technologies Nurturing education sector with technologies for education in product engineering, custom solutions, cloud services, data analytics, consulting, accessibility testing, and excelsoft advantage, and...
Flipick Builds one-stop-tools to manage the entire learning ecosystem of any institute.
G-Cube Provider of customized e-learning solution, microlearning, game based learning, translation and localization, e-courses, performance support, interactive videos, and blended learning.
HeyMath! A web-based platform supporting schools inOnline Teaching & Learning of Mathematics.
Knolskape Solutions Maintaining topnotch learning paradigm through learning & development, experiential learning, business simulations, virtual assessment center, gamification, mobile enabled learning, learning...
Learninz Offers an extremely personalized & advanced learning experience from the best teachers/trainers experts in their domains!
Learnnovators Distributing quality education solutions like custom e-learning, mobile learning, gamified learning, blended learning, flash to HTML5, localization, and model customization.
MPS Interactive Contributing learning solutions like custom learning, gamification, and serious gaming, website learning, micro learning, mobile learning, simulations, AR, VR, and animation.
StayQrious Helps kids in India learn through online group classes focussing on essential 21st century skills such as coding, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.
Talentick Esusolutions Acts as an aggregator for competitive exam courses, tests and coaching classes enabling students with the discovery and purchase of the required product.
Vidyanext Learning Edtech company established in the k-12 tuition space in India.that Trains and establishes Tutors and give Parents a transparent view of their child's progress.