December - 2014 Issue

Cover Story
In the aspiration for a data-driven environment, enterprises more>>

Contact Center Solutions - Product of the year

The difference between customer service and customer engagement is becoming evident day by day, and if an organization does not strive... more>>

Mobility - Product of the year

The evolution of ‘Workforce Management’ (WFM) market is compelling organizations to adopt recent innovations which can make a... more>>


Back in 2009, IT landscape was changing rapidly with the emergence of virtualization more>>

Introduction- Company of the Year 2014

Today, the technology vendors are adapting to the SMAC era by becoming more innovative, agile and entrepreneurial with next generation... more>>

Health Insurance Software- Company of the year

The health Insurance industries world-wide are in a state of flux as they are facing severe operational aches owing to stricter... more>>

Healthcare HIS - Company of the year

Integration of IT infrastructure in the Healthcare Industry possesses various challenges following inadequate more>>

Simulation Software - Company of the year

A leading utility vehicle company with more than 65 years of its existence in India was facing an engine performance quagmire. The... more>>

Storage Solutions - Company of the year

It is essential for enterprises today to efficiently manage the growing data volumes, address big data issues, and build a potential... more>>

Enterprise Mobility - Company of the Year

A leading white goods manufacturer implemented a field automation solution for their after-sales service by providing with an enterprise... more>>

Expert View- ERP

Cloud or hosted services, especially Software as a Service (SaaS), have been the topic of much ERP-related buzz in recent years. more>>

CIO Insights

Digital initiatives are must of all the business post emergence of Internet and social media. Being in the middle of Digital business,... more>>
Rewinding back a decade, companies were juggling with disparate systems while working on diverse platforms. more>>

System Engineering and Integration- Company of the Year

IT function has evolved over the years to become a Business Enabler. With a rapid rate of change in the industry, transformation projects... more>>

Healthcare - Company of the year

The health care sector is experiencing a new wave of opportunity with the global healthcare market being valued at $63.5 million and is... more>>
The healthcare industry is burgeoning and undergoing tremendous transformation globally as it is shifting from p more>>

Payment Solutions- Company of the Year

Seeking to bust this long-standing tradition, C-Edge took upon itself a mission to create a platform on the cloud by virtue of which... more>>

AV and System Intergration- Company of the month

The demanding 24x7-business environment and changing workplace dynamics have generated the need of hyper-connectivity in the workplaces... more>>

Project and Portfolio Management- Company of the Year

The last decade has seen dramatic changes in business environment. Globalization and economic pressures have not only increased... more>>

IMS- Company of the Year

Managed IT Services has emerged as the most sought after substitute to companies looking for optimizing IT infrastructure and related... more>>

Retail - Company of the year

According to industry experts, ecommerce has become a disruptive platform that many retailers are venturing into to bring in huge... more>>

IaaS-Company of the Year

With the promise of scalability-on-demand and a pay-as-you-go pricing model, t more>>

Network Security- Company of the Year

Network security has evolved following advancements in Cloud, Virtualization and BYOD. It has become a highly specialized job which... more>>

Data Management- Company of the Year

There has been a profusion of successful new business verticals, but as most of us are aware, Business Intelligence (BI) has probably... more>>

Financial Risk Management- Company of the Year

In the financial sector, banks and institutions are exposed to various market dynamics and interrelated consequences under the stringent... more>>

Content Creation Service- Company of the Year

The evolution of learning methodology is causing the focus of education process to shift from building tools for teaching, to designing... more>>

E-Learning Solutions- Company of the Year

The recent growing trend of e-Learning is casting many benefits on various educational institutions and corporate firms due to its robust... more>>

ERP & IT Outsourcing- Company of the Year

Today, every small and large organization is hungry for proven solutions that can fulfill its entire IT infrastructure need to streamline... more>>

Cheque Transaction Management- Company of the Year

Reserve Bank of India has implemented CTS (Cheque Truncation System) in the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR),Chennai and Mumbai,... more>>

Unified Data Analysis Platform- Company of the Year

Conventional data warehousing technology focuses on unifying the internal data, which is predominantly transactional, and derive business... more>>

HCM Transformation- Company of the Year

After years of dealing with tedious HR software, like payroll systems and employee record management, corporations are today embracing... more>>

Company of the Year

Caught in the humdrum of city life, one often wishes for a holiday experience with the rippling sound of a river, more>>

Company of the Year - ERP

There are nearly 550 Million MSMEs across the globe but they are la more>>

Mail Server - Company of the year

Today, people of various organizations are looking for a combined communication platform that can allow them to make calls easily, more>>

Medical & Scientific Services - Company of the year

Mounting data, increased cost-pressure, the patent cliff and regulations have driven the life sciences industry in more>>

RPO - Consultant of the year

Analysts forecast the Global Recruitment Process Outsourcing market to grow at a CAGR of more than 8 percent till 2018. more>>

IT Infrastructure Distribution- Company of the Year

Exploding information, shifting customer demands and limited resources had put organizations in serious pains. more>>

Mobile Commerce- Company of the Year

According to Vipul Doshi, CEO of Gurgaon based InterGlobe Technologies (IGT), mobile devices have come a long way from being just a... more>>

Unified Communication- Contact Centre- Company of the Year

In today’s fast-paced, collaborative, mobile work environment, companies are changing the way they do business and Unified... more>>

Healthcare HRM- Company of the Year

With the growing population of India, healthcare has become one of the country’s biggest sectors in terms of revenue. The growth is... more>>

Hospitality Management- Company of the Year

with the advent of rapid growth of internet-based search hotel reservation websites and powerful search engines, customers can examine... more>>
With the advent of rapid growth of internet-based search hotel reservation websites and powerful search engines, customers can examine... more>>

Company of the year 2014: Cloud Storage

It has become an indispensable need for enterprises, large institutions or any organization more>>

IoT & M2M- Company of the Year

Internet of Things (IoT), where every connected physical device generates volumes of machine data, the key to extracting the intelligence... more>>

Real Estate ERP- Company of the Year

Real estate industry being a highly capital intensive industry is riding through many highs and lows as the industry is facing challenges... more>>

Medical Software - Company of the year

Various studies have highlighted India as the fastest growing healthcare IT market more>>

Analytics and Big Data - Company of the year

In today’s increasingly data-driven world, Big Data has become a critical top-line business issue that enterprises must tackle in order... more>>

Service Availability Management & Assurance - Company of the year

With IT services being embedded in critical business processes across most organizations - from online commerce more>>

BI Consulting & Data Integration - Company of the year

Enterprises are facing challenges today while going ahead with BI implementations and it can be attributed to the more>>

Open Source - Company of the year

More than a buzzword, open source technology is dominating the Information technology environment. Driven by cloud more>>

View Point

It means you can only have one controlling authority for a device – which makes sense anyway. Two controlling authorities can wreak... more>>
Imagine a scenario where you own a car which readies itself as per your calendar schedules with climate settings and knows exactly where... more>>
Organisation operate in a dynamic business environment driven by market / customer demands, regulatory changes, new technology trends and... more>>
In the digital age, information is the new currency. And in order to get information, enterprises are mining data – and lots of it –... more>>
Today most of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies need to alliance their information base that has been amassed from unique... more>>
Finding an ideal home is one of the most expensive and time-consuming decision for any customer. The overwhelming number of options... more>>
The Indian aviation industry grew at a headlong alacrity during the last decade. Driven by the liberalization and privatization policies,... more>>

Viewpoint- Company of the Year

It was thought that implementation of Core Banking Solution (CBS) in Banks will be a panacea for all manual illnesses for Banking... more>>

Life Sciences - Company of the year

The completion of Human Genome Project (HGP) in 2003 is hailed as one of the greatest feats in history. It opened new more>>

Compliance & Information Security - Company of the year

Any security incident or violation in today’s era can have a wide-ranging negative impact on organizations’ revenue more>>

Enterprise Applications - Company of the year

ERP solution attempts to integrate all functions across the company onto a single computer system to serve more>>

Enterprise software solutions - Company of the year

In conversation with Jitendra Somani, CEO of Sage Software. The company is headquartered in Gurgaon which offers more>>

Compliance: Legal advisory - Company of the year

With globalization propelling the industry towards growth, and government regulations broadening around the world, spreading across... more>>

Facilities & Infrastructure Management - Company of the year

Facilities and infrastructure management software have been gaining increasing attention and recognition for the crucial role it plays to... more>>

Big Data - NoSQL DB - Company of the year

The tremendous amount of data generated every day from various operations for today’s enterprises seem more>>

Vulnerability Management Software - Company of the year

SecPod Technologies, headquartered in Bangalore, caters to enterprises’ Vulnerability and Compliance Management more>>

Thin Client Computing - Company of the year

Economic management and administration of digital electricity personates a significant role in enhancing surplus yield to enterprises and... more>>

HR Payroll software - Company of the year

It is no secret that companies across the world are on a quest to find more>>

Cyber Forensic & Data Recovery - Company of the year

The digital forensics industry is evolving significantly as we are entering a new age of computing shaped by the Inte more>>

Education - Company of the year

The significance of skill development in India is slowly gaining momentum but there are still overarching issues associated with skill more>>

Connection Lifecycle Management - Company of the year

Instant and agile connectivity of networks and devices is gaining significant importance in corporate world and various more>>

SEO: Website design & PPC - Company of the year

Digital marketing has become one of the most important tools for any organization to withstand today’s competitive environment. more>>

Predictive Analytics - Company of the year

Predictive analytics is not new, but has now become familiar and affordable for enterprises in building marketing programs, more>>

Staffing Services - Company of the year

Owing to the multi-tenant nature of the cloud, deploying confidential information, more>>
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has become one of the fastest growing sectors of HR outsourcing. more>>

Enterprise Content Management - Company of the year

Numerous enterprises of various verticals are frequently faced with surging amounts of data and complicated regulations i more>>

Green It & Sustainability - Company of the year

Steven Chu, an American Physicist, once said: “The Stone Age did not end because we ran out of stones; we transition more>>

Multi Channel Retail - Company of the year

Retailers are facing increased competition from online companies and marketplaces. In such a scenario, players more>>

Financial Services - Company of the year

Banks and Financial Institutions (FI) are leveraging IT technology and services to work faster, smarter more>>

Banking Solutions - Company of the year

The Indian banking sector has been bolstered by execution of mandates and initiatives taken by policy-makers, more>>

Healthcare solution - Company of the year

The Hospital Information System market in India has grown to a cons more>>

Introduction- Consultant of the Year

India's Outsourcing & Consulting Industry is being forecasted to be worth $99 billion in 2015. The industry has been growing at a rapid... more>>

Cyber Security Consultant- Consultant of the Year

Cybercrime is a big business today and has reached the tipping point where consumers and regulators are demanding that businesses deploy... more>>
With the advent of social networking sites and emerging innovative online technologies, there is imminent risk of networking fraud.... more>>

IT Consultant - Consultant of the year

IT consulting market has become a significant contributor to the overall IT Service market in India. Dynamic customer needs and the... more>>

Intellectual Capital Valuation - Consultant of the year

Over the past few years, Intellectual Capital (or IC) has become a constantly budding subject, influenced by technological, economic,... more>>

Business Strategy and Process - Consultant of the year

Managing business operations effectively in the dynamic environment is challenging even in the best of times. more>>

Web Development - Consultant of the year

Website development has become undeniably a critical component for the success of various business processes. It has the potential to... more>>

Startup - Consultant of the year

It is no secret that the digital and flourishing economy is driving more>>

Telecom- Company of the Year

According to a research, more than 50 percent of companies are unaware about their annual telecom services expenditure. more>>

Web Design and Development- Company of the Year

Various industries, enterprises and organizations have been pushing forward to sell their products and services online; following the... more>>

Payroll Services- Consultant of the Year

Manual administration of in-house payroll functions in a large organization usually causes innumerable cumbersome issues resulting in... more>>

Travel Consultant - Consultant of the year

The travel and hospitality industry comprising of airlines, accommodation providers, tour operators and travel agencies, is being driven... more>>

Testing Automation Consultant - Consultant of the year

Industry is witnessing an increased demand to retain and grow market share more>>

eCommerce Consultant-Consultant of the Year

Ecommerce industry is showing an accelerated growth today. Billions of dollars are being invested into ecommerce market. Indians are... more>>

Fire & MEP

India has witnessed many tragic fire holocausts that claimed many innocent lives primarily due to lack of fire safety measures, improper... more>>

Empolyment Consultant- Consultant of the Year

The major challenges faced are: Organizations are tackling the false information mentioned on the CV. We come across candidates claiming... more>>

Accounting and Finance Services- Consultant of the Year

Startups and SMEs are today looking for support from external vendors to help them with key back end functions, enabling promoters of... more>>

SEO- Consultant of the Year

The rapidly evolving world of online marketing is forcing SEO marketers to rethink their strategies. What is becoming increasingly... more>>

Marketing Consultant- Consultant of the Year

When I joined the company in 1996, we had about 250 people while today we have 3,200 people; we have grown more than tenfold in this... more>>

Editorial- Company of the Year

The promising economic scenario in the European and American geographies seem to be showcasing their positive impacts on the Indian IT... more>>

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